In Crystal Reports (CR) 8.5, how can a multiple-value string array parameter or a string array be converted into a uppercase array parameter?
Can it be done without using the formula as shown below?
Can it be done in SQL expressions?

To convert a string array or a string parameter to a number array, create a formula similar to the following:

numbervar ArrayCount:= count({?string});
// {?string} is the multiple value string parameter field
// {?string} could be substituted for a string array

numbervar Stepper;
// Stepper will be used to control the number of times
// this formula loops

numbervar array NewNumberArray:= [0];
redim NewNumberArray[1000];
// NewNumberArray will be the resultant Number Array
// created by this formula. Note that 1000 is the maximum
// number of elements for an array.

for Stepper:= 1 to ArrayCount step 1 do
NewNumberArray[Stepper] := tonumber({?string}[Stepper]);

This formula will loop through the original string parameter or string array and create a number array in Crystal Reports 8.