What I would like to do is set up transactional replication from server1 (Publisher) to server2 (Subscriber), with server2 acting as the (Distributor).

I am successful on server2 in allowing server2 as a distributor for server1. When I try to configure replication on server1 to use server2 as a distributor and subscriber I get this message once

SQL Server Enterprise Manager could not enable 'server2' as a Subscriber.

Error 14071: Could not find the Distributor or the distribution database fom the local server. The Distributor may not be installed, or the local server may not be configured as a Publisher at the Distributor.

and this mesage for each database I enable for subscription, I get this message.

SQL Server Enterprise Manager could not enable database 'x' for snapshot or transactional replications.

Error 20028: The Distributor has not been correctly installed. Could not enable database for publishing. The replication 'publish' of database 'x' has been set to false.

The last message I get is

SQL Server Enterprise Manager successfully enabled 'server2' as the Distributor for 'server1'.

This message is apparently false.

When I try to Configure Publishing, Subscribers and Distributing... on server1, I get the message

SQL Server Enterprise Manager could not retrieve information about the Distributor or the distribution database.

In an attempt to fix this I:
1. disable publishing on server1,
2. disable publising and distribution on server2.
3. enable publishing and distribution on server2.
4. enable publishing on server1 using server2 as distributor.

Again I get errors on step 4.

I have even tried re-installing SQL Server 2000 on server2 with no improvement.

Can some one please shed some light on this problem?

Thanks in advance.