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    Unanswered: apply bold formatting to part of concatenated string


    I have a text box on a report that references three name fields (first, middle, last). The code looks like:

    =[LastName] & ", " & [FirstName] & [MiddleName]

    I want to apply bold formatting only on the LastName portion. Is there something similar to the Ucase function (ie =UCase([LastName]) & " "...) that can be used to apply bold formatting to the font?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I do believe this can only be done with a common dialog module add in for MS Access. With that you get an RTF formtter that will allow you to adjust the format of code independent of other items in the text box.

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    Another Idea

    You could however create two text boxes. one for the first name, make that bold and right justified. Then create a second text box, normal and have that be fed the middle name and the first name

    ucase only changes the case of the letters to all uppercase, has nothing to do with the format, i.e. italicised, bold, underlined.

    ucase("cat") = "CAT"

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