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    Angry Unanswered: Oracle Reports - ORA-12154

    I am able to launch Oracle Reports via X-windows. I can make modifications to the report layout, but when I attempt to connect to the database I get the ORA-12154 error. I know this means that the alias that I'm using to connect to the database isn't correct.
    I found my tnsnames.ora file in the path /u01/app/oracle/product/7.3.4/network/admin and it looks like this:

    tasp =
    (ADDRESS =
    (Host =
    (Port = 1521)
    (SID = tasp)

    So I use 'tasp' as my database name entry when trying to connect, but I still get the 12154 error.
    I only have this problem when running Oracle Reports on my server. When running it from my desktop I have no problems at all. The only difference I can see is that on my desktop I have a tnsnames.ora file and a sqlnet.ora file. On my server I cannot find an sqlnet.ora file.
    I believe that this is my problem, but I don't know where I would create the sqlnet.ora file, would it be in the same directory path as the tnsnames.ora?

    Thanks for any input you can provide.

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    No version of Reports specified.
    No OS or OS version specified.
    Yet you expect us to solve your mystery.
    You're On Your Own (YOYO)!

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    In my haste and frustration I forgot the goods...

    Oracle Reports v2.5
    Oracle v.7.3.4
    Sun Solaris 2.6 server

    I like the YOYO comment...I will remember that one.

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