According to MSDN


It is possible to batch stored procedure calls.

I am trying to batch processing stored procedures with SQL 2000, MDAC
2.8. All settings are default. SQLSetStmtAttr is called with SQL_ATTR_PARAMSET_SIZE set to the number array elements. I am using ODBC CALL escape sequence.

I noticed from SQL Profiler trace that the stored procedure is executed as many times as the elements in the array (e.g., in separate batches).

If I change the stored procedure call to a vanilla INSERT then all of the INSERTs are performed in one batch.

Is there any extra settings to be done to execute the procedure in a true batch execution mode rather than a simulated batch processing.

In the past someone complained about the same issue somewhere but the only suggestion was to concatenate all stored procedure call strings into one big string and then execute it in one batch. But then there is no way to return the array of results or errors.

Any hints will be appreciated. Thanks.