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    Lightbulb Unanswered: freelancing, how to...

    My name is Michael, from New Jersey. I have through consulting companies programmed
    for over 4 years. I am very strong in most versions of MS Access (VBA too), Excel,
    Visual Basic, and Sql Server. My VBA and SQL skills are good, and I have done light
    work in Website updates, and the dot net technologies. But consultant companies
    exagerate your skills to the client to get as much money per hour while giving you
    the programmer as little as possible. I have been inspired to sever the middleman. I
    have done light research on how to incorporate, but my question is how does the
    marketing process work? Can anyone recommend good websites that teach you how to woe
    a major corporation in doing business with you? What are challenges any of you
    freelance had to conquer? What forms-online?-are needed to be prepared for an
    appointment with AT&T ect human resources/IT dept are needed? Any and all advice are
    greatly appreciated from this struggling programmer.


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    Get yourself a copy of the The Holy Book

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