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Thread: Updating Fields

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    Unanswered: Updating Fields

    have a table that I must at times reset all of the entries in the whole table to defaults. Some of the fields are simple Yes/no and one is an interger.

    I do not know visual basic so I am trying to do this with a macro.

    I have one macro that opens the table ( or form ) and then does a Goto First Record. It then calls a second macro that sets the 4 fields to the default that I want. It then does A Goto Next record and then reverts back to the first macro.

    Now what do I put in the "Repeat Expression" entry on the macro line to get it to go through the table and stop without an error on the last entry in the table

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    I attach a database that is not answering to your question but is solving your problem in a easy way, just using a query.
    If you have question please feel free to ask me.

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    Florin Profeanu

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    Simple.....and does what I wanted

    Thanks A lot

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