Hi All,
I am about to embark on the process of setting up mysql for my company with Access Frontend. I had some doubts, which I hope u gurus will help me with.

1. Yes, mySql is very fast. Its the biggest advantage. But has anybody had any experience with when does mysql has reduced efficiency? I mean, like in Access, after a certain number of records, the record selection process via queries gets slower. Is there any similar sort of problem with mysql too? If yes, does anybody know any limit of when this can happen? Say after 1o gig or 30 gig the queries will run slower or any other thing similar to that?

2. In my firm, we work on engineering projects. Currently, we have an Access DB and once the project is finished, it is archived. I know mySql has a lot of space handling capacity, but would it be a good idea to archive the data of finished projects in mySql, because they wont be used once project is finished. I was just thinking, that no point in keeping that sort of unused data online on mysql. Is it a good idea to do that? If yes, I would like to have suggestions on how to go about archiving? Is there an easy way to do it? Also, would it be possible for me to bring back that archived data to life, if I want to, in the the future?

Thanks a ton in advance for all your time and efforts.