I've got a Filemaker Developer 6.0 and I'm trying to access through JDBC.
I have a problem that I can't get "Relationship" through JDBC.
I want to get value from related fileds in other fp5 files.

To examin this, I've created 2 "fp5" files as follows:
File Name : "relation1.fp5"

File Name : "relation2.fp5"

Defined Relation in "relation1.fp5"

RelationName: [relA]
Relation: [Field1 = ::Rel2Field1]
Related File: [relation2.fp5]

Testing this connection seems to work, in that I can see the table names, and even actual record data when I test a "SELECT *" query.

However, it seems that "getRelationship" and "isRelated" methods doesn't work.

Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:fmpro:http://localhost:","id","password");
Statement st = con.createStatement();
ResultSet rs = st.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM \"relation1.fp5\"");

//get ResultSetMetaDataExt from "rs"
rsMetaDataExt = (ResultSetMetaDataExt)rs.getMetaData();

if (rsMetaDataExt.isRelated(i) == true){
+ "is related!");
+ "is not related!");

I think the result in console shows "Filed1 is related!", but it doesn't...
That is to say, "rsMetaDataExt.isRelated(i) == false".

Has anyone else had this problem? Has anyone discovered why it happens, where the problems lies, etc.

What's the go?

(I've submitted the same thread in FileMaker forum.
because I don't know how to categorize this problem...thx)