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    Unanswered: Warning message on save if db open by multi users

    I am trouble-shooting an inherited MSAccess database. (Access2000), used for sales contacts. I cannot stop the error message: "You do not have exclusive access to the database at this time. Your design changes will not be saved". This appears whenever data is edited or added if more than one user has the database open. But the data seems to be saved anyway.
    I have checked all the items I can find in the MSAccess help file and set the available parm to allow sharing rather than exclusive as the default. (On the Tools Options Advanced tab I've selected shared). And we've ensured than when people open the database, they are selecting the open-shared option and not the open-exclusive option.
    The system works as it is but nervous users are getting very confused and are reluctant to use the system because they think their work is not being saved.

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    For forms that are used by many, I link them to local tables. The user is required to click an Accept button which appends to the main database.

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    You can set the default mode for when the DB is opened to Shared throug the properties window o nthe Advanced tab.

    You won't be able to make changes to forms, table structure without having the DB opened in exclusive mode. But any data to be saved to the tables and any thing done to queries will be saved.

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