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    Red face Unanswered: Main Form with 2 subset of Subform

    I have one main form with three subform. My 1st subform is link to the main form and 2nd subform is link to the 1st subform and 3rd subform link to the 2nd subform.

    Problem is that when i don't enter any value in 2nd subform i'm still able to input value in 3rd subform and it still saves in table. (1 to M)

    For example 2nd subform holds data about Customer and 3rd subform holds data about customer order. Even know there is no customer i can still input the Order information. How can i validate this ?

    Thanks in advance

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    One solution would be to make sure the 3rd form is linked to more than one record in the 2nd form one of which is unique to that form. If 1st and 2nd are not linked using customerID then you can use that as a link between 2nd and 3rd

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