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    Unanswered: work with MYD, MYI, FRM extension files

    Hello all,

    I'm reading the PHP version of this tutorial:

    I ran into a problem.
    This tutorial is based on the assumption that I will work on a local PC with Mysql and PHP installed.
    However I'm working with a remote virtual host, which has php, MySQL all this kinds of stuff.

    In the downloaded file (1,851 KB) , there are a lot of MYD, MYI, FRM extension files.
    I assume they're files that information is stored in.

    My question is, how can I inport these information into my remote MySQL database via myPHPadmin?

    Any feedback will be highly appreciated.

    The file I'm refering to can be found here

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    The files you are refering to are the actual database table files. I'm not sure if it will work or not, but you can drop them in your data folder and try and restart mysql to see if it picks them up. I tend to doubt it will because they will be missing metadata but its worth a try (another far fetch would be to create the databases/tables and then shutdown mysql and them move the files in an attempt to create the metadata). Finally, there may be some way to import them that I am missing.

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