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    Exclamation Unanswered: date fields in tables

    I have a date field in a table. want to only enter months and years into it, and let it default to the first day of the month for each record. Tried putting input mask on the table - something along the lines of:
    When I enter data into the table directly like this, anything below '30' for year enters either the year as the day, or the month as the day and the year as the month (then defaulting the year to the current year, 2004).

    What I'm ultimately doing is creating Data Access Pages to access the database, so I'm not sure of any input masking or restricting of data entry I'll be able to do with those yet.

    Any suggestions?


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    Set the format to mm/yyyy

    Then the users can enter in any date they want, but what will be stored in the table is only the month and the year.

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