i am maintaining an web service for an intranet, the user submit news items,these are later approved or rejected

if rejected user is able to view that item and reason it was rejected

now the required functionality is that if user is in the window for viewing details and he navigates to other link, he should be warned that he is navigating somewhere else and this info will be deleted,

i took care of this functionality as below
//i want some customization here

function Bunload()
	message = "This rejected item will be deleted.\nAre you sure you wish to proceed?."	
	return message;

but on clicking ok i want to delete this item, for which i navigate him to a page like item_delete.asp with id as hidden for field.

but the problem is that it ask the user twice abt renavigation,[ since item has to be deleted]

is there a way to get the page where user is navigating to, so that i can ask only once that he is sure

hope this make sense ;-)