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    Angry Unanswered: Switchboard Issues

    I am having issues with my switchboard that I created for a simple database. All my forms that I made to view my tables and queries I designed in 'datasheet view'. When I open the forms from the database window they display in datasheet view, however when opened from the switchboard, they open in form view (which only displays one record per page). I have to manually change the view to datasheet view every time I load the form from the switchboard. Is this normal? Is there an option I can select to override this default behaviour? I can't seem to find any solution....

    Thanks for any info -- Adam

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    In Design view for the form, change the default view from "single form" to "datasheet" OR you could use the OnClick Event to open the form in datasheet view.

    DoCmd.OpenForm str_FormName, acFormDS

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    Thanks for your response. I went to change the default view to datasheet view, but it was already set to datasheet view. I then also changed it so that only the Allow Datasheet View property was set to Yes and all the Allow Form View, PivotTable, etc were all set to No.

    However, when I open the form from the switchboard it still defaults to Form View! Am I changing the wrong properties? The forms I am loading are queries with user-entered parameters at runtime, if this makes any difference. I am also using the default switchboard, not my own custom form.

    Please help -- Adam

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    As toliver

    You can do this by editing the on click event for the button

    When you open the code editor replace the current call to someting like this
    DoCmd.OpenForm YourFormName, acFormDS
    replace YourFormName with the form you want to load


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