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    Unanswered: Paradox re-install

    Many years ago a very complex paradox database on v7 was written and installed oa a win95 PC.

    After 5 years this win95 OS is about to die and we need to re-install the system.

    Since 5 years ago no-one remembers where they put the v7 CD's.
    Win95 is very old.
    I am scared to upgrade to a newer version of paradox incase there are some bugs in the db.

    Is v7 working exactly the same and compatible between OS from win95/NT/200 and XP ?

    Is there anywhere I can download V7 to reinstall this older version.

    The version 7.0 installed dis in French (it's a French company). Is it likely to be an issue if I re-install a US/UK version. i.e is the db language specific for construction and use.

    Many thanks for any help on all or some of these matters

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    You can find old copies of Paradox 7 in a number of places on the net. Try E-Bay or Froogle. I found this one pretty quick, but it's kind of pricey.

    It will work on the newer operating systems from all accounts.

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