HELP ~ I'm sure I've missed something!

Informix IDS 7.31 UC5
ISM 2.20 UC1
Solaris 2.7

I've got two servers, on two different networks, both configured with the same host names, OS's, informix installation paths, server numbers etc etc.

The first is our live server on our live network, whilst the second is our backup server in our backup site, with an ultimate goal to replicate our live database via onbar backups and logical logs to the backup server. Simple, or so I thought.

I've performed a full system backup on node 1 (onbar -b -w) and copied all the files from the ISM devices along with the following files;

The devices setup under ISM have been defined with a type of file, and show as follows;
$ ism_show -devices
file disk ISMDiskLogs2 mounted on /trafic/backup/ism/logs, write enabled
file disk ISMDiskData2 mounted on /trafic/backup/ism/backups, write enabled
$ ism_show -volumes
volume pool flags written (%) expires
ISMDiskData2 ISMDiskData 0 KB 03/16/06
ISMDiskLogs2 ISMDiskLogs 0 KB 03/16/06
$ ism_show -volume ISMDiskData2
mminfo: no matches found for the query
$ ism_show -volume ISMDiskLogs2
mminfo: no matches found for the query

Now the problem!
I've tried to perform a restore with the 'onbar -r -p -w' command, and it always fails with ' 2004-03-16 15:01:47 3698 3697 There are no DB/BLOBspaces to backup/restore.'

I've tried setting the informix server up with the same dbspace structure, chunks, logical logs settings etc etc, and it's failed. I've also tried initialising the instance, and still the same error.

Sorry if it's all a bit muddled, but I've got very confused!