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    Complicated cost tables

    Hi All!!!

    i'm trying to create a database that will store resource information like books, subscriptions, online subscriptions, CD-ROMs, etc. I need to track their costs which is where I'm having trouble. Some of these, especially the subscriptions would have an annual fee and a monthly/weekly fee. How can I track how much is due each month while knowing whether this is an annual cost or a monthly/weekly fee? Do i need 2 or 3 separate tables to record this information? Do I need to type every month a different due date?

    Any help will be very much appreciated! Thanks!

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    For each subscription keep following optional information. - it will be one subscription to many charges.

    . Subscription Id
    . Amount ( Flat rate or percentage ?)
    . Duration (Annual, Monthly, Weekly, OneTime ?)

    Attached doc can help.
    Based on subscription start date, other charges/fee can be calculated.

    Hope this help.
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