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    Unanswered: phpbb from Ensim to CPanel

    Hi there -

    I'm not sure if this is quite the correct forum, but I've got a problem I really need to address and would greatly appreciate some help.

    I have a phpbb forum set up at, which runs on an Ensim server.

    I will now be moving the forum to, which runs on an CPanel server.

    I've set up phpbb automatically on the new server, but how do I ensure that I transfer the phpbb successfully from the Ensim server to the Cpanel server?

    In short - what do I need to change on the domain1 .sql to ensure it loads fine on the pre-setup
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    If you want to backup a phpbb then do it through the phpbb admin panel. You will need to change the config settings in the sql file, such as server name, admin e-mail, and maybe even cookies.

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