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    Question Unanswered: Number of SQL Servers per machine

    Does anyone have a rule of thumb or can point me to documentation on how many instances of Sybase can reasonably run on a multi-cpu machine? For instance let's say you have a 4way cpu SUN 4500. I know it would depend on the number of transaction, behaviour, databases within the server, etc. BUT would be reasonable to state something like provided th CPU utilization does not go above 70% a reasonable number of Sybase servers running per cpu would by 2-3? Assume there is plenty of memory, IO bandwidth, etc. I know this is a strange questions but any input you can provide from your experience or examples of what your running per machine would be helpful.

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    - As you said, estimate how busy the instances will be.
    - Estimate how many engines do you need for each instance
    - Consider the environment, (whether its production / development).
    - Consider the window time of usage. Are all these instances, used between 9-6 or do they have different usage windows.
    - The general rule of thumb is to have only as many Engines as the Number of CPUS. But you could afford to over allocate
    a) if the usage is not that high
    b) if its a development environment
    - Also monitor CPU usage after configuring.

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