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    Question Unanswered: Help with Combining IF with ISERROR statements

    Hello, Just wondering if any one would have a quick fix solution, I've been looking at this for what seems hours??

    I want to combine these 2 lines into one, but cant seem to do it.

    =IF(ISERROR(ROUNDUP(MAX(M15:M18), 2)), "NA", (ROUNDUP(MAX(M15:M18), 2)))

    =IF('Step 1'!B7>10,'Step 1'!D10*ROUNDUP(MAX(M15:M18), 2), IF('Step 1'!B7<=10,ROUNDUP(MAX(M15:M18), 2)))

    Basically I want the ISERROR to cover off the parameters B7>10 and B7<=10 and their resultant calculations. So it might look something like this:

    =IF(ISERROR(IF('Step 1'!B7>10,'Step 1'!D10*ROUNDUP(MAX(N15:N18), 2), IF('Step 1'!B7<=10,ROUNDUP(MAX(N15:N18), 2)), "NA", ('Step 1'!B7>10,'Step 1'!D10*ROUNDUP(MAX(N15:N18), 2), IF('Step 1'!B7<=10,ROUNDUP(MAX(N15:N18), 2))))

    Thanks for any help I can get! This seems very tricky!

    P.S. Both these lines work independently I just want to be able to combine them into one.

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    Is it feasible to put a function in N15:N18 that ensures a value is always present? That would simplify the logic in your calculation cell, i.e.

    =IF(MAX(N15:N18)<10, do this, do that)

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    Welcome to the Board!

    Why don't you post your workbook (.zip) and someone can take a look at it. A lot of your formula seems erroneous and the ISERROR can cause you more problems than you want if the formula isn't debugged to begin with.

    Try removing the ISERROR portions, then nest the formulas. If you really want the ISERROR after that, add it back in once the formula works.

    Hope that helps,


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