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    Unanswered: Editing the default progress bar

    Does anyone knows how to edit or get the value from the progress bar that appears whenever you use the "Compact and repair database" option?

    Thanks for those who took their time out to answer.

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    Someone else asked this the other day, I cant find the thread though..It went something like

    Sub Progress()

    MsgBox "Go"
    z = SysCmd(1, "Ken was here!!", 1000)

    z = SysCmd(2, 250)
    MsgBox "Almost"

    z = SysCmd(3)

    End Sub

    I put in the message boxes so you could see what happens, it is important to end it with the syscmd(3) otherwise it stays on screen..

    This isn't my solution (I don't have one) someone else did it !



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    thanks, Ken_Hart, for your suggestion.

    But if i'm not wrong about those numbers (1,2,3...) in the SysCmd function, it actually initialize the progress bar if i use 1, update the bar if i use 2 and removes the progress bar if i use 3.

    what i need to know is how to RETRIEVE the values that are being shown in the progress bar, when the progress bar is NOT CREATED by me. In other words, the values i need is from the progress bar that appears whenever the system is acutally processing some stuff within.

    But thanks for your contribution to my knowledge. I never knew that i can use the numbers instead of typing in the actual thing(eg. 1 = acSysCmdInitMeter)

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