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    Unanswered: Oracle 9i HTTP ServerProblem (Still Persists) on Win 2K


    I am still not able to solve my HTTP server problem:

    Why is it using too much CPU ? Is there any way we can configure Apache.exe to be less CPU intesive ?

    Thank you all in advance


    FYI :

    Given Below is a compilation of my Earlier Posts

    ------------------MY First Post -------------
    In my httpd.conf file,
    I tried the setting of LogLEvel to CRIT (for critical), it seems to be working,
    but whenever my Apache.exe is running its utilizing 100% of CPU...any work arounds for this ?

    At the same time, I have more questions ..

    Why is it that my TNSListener is depending on HTTP Server ?

    History for this is, The services related to Oracle on my PC (Win2K, with Pentium-4 and 512 RAM, 80 G HD)
    are as default set at install time. After observing that Apache.exe is being too CPU intensive,
    I goto Services and stop the HTTP server service. This frees up my CPU greatly.
    Then if I open DOS window, do TNSPing <ServerName> couple of times its fine,
    when I TNSPing the 4th or 5th time it gives me a dialog box saying "Error Log is being Generated",
    I close this dialog then I am seeing "TNS NO Listener" error in the DOS window.
    The error log here is generated by none other than the infamous Apache.ex aka HTTP Server !!!

    What exactly is Apache.exe doing for Oracle ?
    As per my limited knowledge, I think it is the platform for Oracle Enterprise Manager ... correct me if I am wrong.

    Pls help with your expert suggestions..

    Thanks in Advance

    -------------------FIRST REPLY from anacedent ----------------------------------------------------

    Neither Apache nor TNS Listener is required to use an Oracle DB;
    as long as you are logged directly onto the database server system
    and your environment is properly configured.
    What does
    lsnrctl status
    What the contents of listener.log file?

    ---------------------My Reply to anacedent -----------------------------------------------------------

    I understand that neither Apache or TNS is required to connect to DB,
    if I am directly connected. But If I am using a tool like Informatica,
    it in turn uses a connect string and that checks the TNSNames.Ora file
    and will not find any Listener running, would ultimately reject my connection.

    So to keep it running, I need to have the HTTP Server Alive (this in turn keeps my TnsListener alive).

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    On every system where I have Oracle DB installed & running (40+),
    Apache is NOT required to be running for the Oracle (TNS) Listener
    to stay available & operational. In fact on NONE of my DB systems
    is Apache running.

    Apache & Oracle's TNS listener have NOTHING to do with each other; ZERO, NADA, ZILCH. They serve two separate & distinct purposes.

    I suggest you (re)format the system & start over from scratch.

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    i have the same problem with apache... it seems it tries to start the isqlplus service and fails... and it writes an enormous error log file until it fills the har drive. i didn't find any solution to this, so I think tomorow i will format my hard drive and reinstall the OS... it seems that this is the only solution left

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