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    Unanswered: White spaces in addresses

    Hi there,

    I'm pretty new at this but can anybody help me.

    In one of my reports I have address details i.e. add1, add2, add3, City, Postcode but if the data does not have an add3 it leaves a white space/blank line.

    Can anybody tell me what code I can put it to remove the blank line if there is not data involved.



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    Re: White spaces in addresses


    Try doing this:
    Create a detail line (a, b, c) for each line of the address
    Detail a: Name Phone
    Detail b: Add 1
    Detail c: Add 2
    Detail d: formula {City+", "+State+" "+Zip} //(this removes unwanted space for short city names)

    On the Section Expert for each detail, choose Suppress Blank Section.

    In a case where we had a form that had to print exact below the address, but we wanted no blanks for Add2, I added a Detail e:

    In Detail e, I had a formula that said "if Add2 = "", then "x", else "". Then, I made the "x" font white so it wouldn't print out. I suppressed Detail e if blank. This kept the rest of our form below the address in the same spot regardless of whether Add2 was blank and suppressed or not.

    I think you will find this works for you and I hope it helps.


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