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    Red face Unanswered: Oracle data file corrupted

    hi friends,

    "###<block no> oracle datafile corrupted"

    This is the message I am getting when i try to insert,
    delete,update rows to the tables in the database.
    But i can run select queries without any problem.

    My database export file size is of around 3 GB.
    Database version is Oracle8.0.6 on Windows platform.

    Expecting your sincere reply at the earliest.

    Thanking you.
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    Have you run dbverify on the datafile?

    Do you know the object which contains the corrupted block?

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    what does your alert.log say regarding this error?
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    First need to confirm about the extent of the damage ie the objects that are damaged. For which there is a diagnostics
    DBMS_ADMIN or maybe the name is not correct but its available in Orcale docs
    Do u run the DB in Archivelogmode?
    U have two options.
    1. If u have a good consistent backup of the datafile copy it and do media recovery...
    2.Use some diagnostics like DBMS_REPAIR package which will skip the corrupted portion when Oracle will be scanning for data.

    In any case u might loose data.
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