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    Unanswered: Confirmation before update, restore if canceled


    I have a singe form where the user can alter some fields. Now, when he closes the form, or moves to another record I want a msgbox to display to ask his confirmation of the update. If he cancels, I want the original field value to be filled in.

    msgbox("Update?",1)<>1 CancelEvent
    ... StopMacro
    Sendkeys {ESCAPE}

    The confirmation box appears. If he chooses OK then the new values are saved. If he chooses CANCEL, he returns to the current record, but still with his newly typed in values. So actually, he cannot leave the record, unless he enters 'ESCAPE'. I thought the above macro would do the work, but it doesn't!

    Help please!

    PS ACC97 dutch

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    Strange, the above code all of a sudden seems to work. Hope somebody can use this later.


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