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    Unanswered: [Solved] Graph on Crytal Report not shown when call from VB?

    I create some report that will be shown from VB(my own program)? I found that everything look fine when I use it on my computer. Both on Crytal report design and on VB calling.

    However, I found that graph on Crytal Report will be not shown if I call it on VB from other computer. In other computer, only text that show in the report.

    On My Computer : VB Installed, Crystal Report Installed.
    On Other Computer : Only my own program with necessary component that installed.

    I try to find out solution for this problem. I found that somebody said to check about SSCSDK80.DLL and I found this files for all computer I want to use.

    How can I show Graph on Crytal Report for all computer?
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    I solve this problem by copy SSCSDK80.DLL,PG32CONV.DLL into System32 folder on computer that get error.

    I post the problem only on this webboard (dBforums). However I got some mail from Business Objects who present Crystal Report owner. It make me surprise on their responsibility. And some suggestion on that mail can make me know how to correct the problem.

    Sure that I can serach and found on WEB about some information that Business Objects tell me. But Business Objects make me easy to solve. And if I cannot found any information on WEB that mean pnly Business Objects can help.
    Thank you Business Objects and every information on WEB.

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