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    Unanswered: Getting/Setting Field Format Property ADO


    I am connecting to a Access XP MDB file using VB6 via ADO 2.5.

    I am in need of getting the Field (format/layout) of the fields in a RecordSet and cannot find any information on this topic.

    Field Name 'DOB'
    Format 'dd mmm yyyy'

    Field Name 'LastName'
    Format '>'

    I want to be able to get that format string into a variable in VB.

    Any help would be appritiated.

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    Re: Getting/Setting Field Format Property ADO

    Cycle through the properties in your field object and list them like this:

    For iCounter = 0 To 100

    debug.print rs.Fields.Item(0).Properties(iCounter).Name

    Next iCounter

    This will show you all the properties available to you in the field object. Then you will see if you can access a format property. Depending on which data provider you connect to you may or may not have that feature.

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    hey man thanks for the reply,

    i already tried that, only got 9 properties but and format wasnt one of them.

    the provider is jet oledb 4.0 which is the most current version and its not available in it.

    so i dont know what to do coz its kind of important, if not im probably gonna have to set a diff value in the field or make a table with field formats, hehe.

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    The closest thing I can think of is a FieldAttributeEnum. Aren't the actual formats of the items in the fields collection set by the client machine in its Regional Settings???


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