I am new to Oracle 9i OLAP, n I have some questions, see if anybody could help.

I have Oracle 9i database and I have some time series reports written using Reports Builder. I have to move to Oracle OLAP as the reports takes long time to run. I have few questions about one report that I am starting with:

1) As this report doesn't have complex calculations, I don't need to use Analytic workspaces. Once I have OLAP catalog defined, I can write the report using Materialized Views. Am I right ?

2) I have been reading the documentations. Can you point me to a Case Study that covers the steps need to do so.

3) According to my understanding, the steps required are:

- Identify multidimensional objects: Measures, Dimensions, Levels, Heirarchies, Attributes
- Define a logical schema for these objects. Meaning design and create the underlying relational tables for these objects.
- Once we have these tables created, define Measures, Dimensions, Levels, Heirarchies, Attributes using OEM or CW2.
- I am not clear about further steps. Is the next step Materialized Views ? Do i have to write them or they are created automatically from the fact tables to store the aggregated data ?
- I can use Materialized Views to write the report.

Pls correct me whereever I am wrong, and guide me thru these high-level steps to reach to a point where I can write the report.

I have one more question: What is the difference between OLAP, ROLAP and MOLAP and which is used when ?

Thanks so much!!