I'm trying to do a mail merge in MS Word against a DB2 table. When I choose an ODBC connection, I receive an error stating "Unable to obtain list of tables from the data source." In lieu of this, I tried using the "IBM OLE DB Provider for DB2". At this point, I am able to connect and view a list of tables. Once I choose the table, I get an error stating "Word cannot open +Connect to New Data Source.odc as a data or header source because is contains no data." The strange thing is, when I go through the same steps in Excel, it works perfectly. I am aware that I can create a worksheet and point the Word mail-merge to that file but I am trying to streamline this process for a mailing department that is very unsavvy and I want to deliver the solution and not have to do any hand holding. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. So far my searches are getting me nowhere. Thanks in advance.