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    Exclamation Unanswered: URGENT


    I am using PostgreSQL 7.2 on windows 2000. I am working on a java application and I am encrypting an object and saving it to my database.
    Here is exacltly what I am doing:

    1. I encrypt an array using a SealedObject
    2. Then I encode this SealedObject with BASE64 Encoder
    3. The BASE64 Encoder converts my SealedObject to a large String and I save it to the db. I store it as "bytea"
    4. I then retrieve this String from the db when I want it and I Decode it using BASE64 Decoder
    5. I now have a SealedObject that I can unseal and be left with my original Array

    My problem is that when I retrieve my String from the Database and try to Decode it I get the following exception:
    at$BlockDataInputStream.rea dUTFSpan(
    at$BlockDataInputStream.rea dUTFBody(

    If I don't put the String into the database and decode it it works fine. So it looks as if somethingis happening to my String when I retrieve it from my database.

    Could Postgres being storing my String in some way that I am losing some of the data?

    I'd appreciate and help with this,



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    Re: URGENT

    I have looked at this further and found that the the String that I isert into the database is different from the one that I retrieve. The first line of characters is the same but after that they are different.

    Does anyone have any idea why this String would change after being stored in Postgres?



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