Hi all - 2 rotten questions for ye.... (I'm in Report Hell - apologies)

1) Is it possible to Group records in a subreport on one value, and order the instances of the groups on another?
In this report, I've a subreport that groups it's records on an Event Number. This subreport has 2 further subs nested in it with people associated with the event.
Each Event has a date, and the events need displaying in descending date order.

If everything's grouped by Event Number, how can I order how each event group appears by Date??? aaarrgghh.

2) If it's not possible to do the above, I was thinking of making each event's number out of it's date, ie events on 18/03/2004, would be numbers 18032004/1, 18032004/2, 18032004/3 and so on. On the form where Events are created, what code would I need to
a) strip out the '/', of the date
b) increment each instance of the date by 1 for events that fall on the same date?

Any help would be appreciated!