I have a Form which has 3 option buttons
. client_Name
. Analyst
. SampleNumber
and a combobox.The two tables are client name and OOS

Initally the combobox is empty. when i select client name it should populate all the records into the combobox of the client_names from the client_name table. Likewise for analyst it should populate the combobox with analyst names records from OOS table.

i have written this code it doesnt work at all but no errors.

Private Sub Optionradio_Click()
Dim qry As String
Dim CbList As ComboBox

Select Case Me!Optionradio
Case Is = 1
strtype = "Client_Name"
strtable = "Client_Codes"
Case Is = 2
strtype = "Analyst"
strtable = "OOS"
Case Is = 3
strtype = "Sample_Metrics_Number"
strtable = "OOS"
End Select

qry = "SELECT [" & strtype & "] FROM [" & strtable & "];"
Set CbList = Me!CmbList ' Comment CmbList the name of the
combobox on the form

With CbList
.RowSource = qry
.ColumnCount = 1
.ColumnWidths = "1 in"
.BoundColumn = 1
End With

End Sub