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    Unanswered: Please Help!!!

    Ive produced a database, tried and testsed it a million times and now i want to go on to a next stage, i want to sell it! But the thing is i have no idea where to start, i would really want to sign on with a company, and produce more databases but i dont know with who, I was wondering if anybody currently produces databases and sells them and new a good place. Oh and there is one slight problem, im only 15, but when a company approached me regarding my software, they said it was one of the best they had seen, and i was told by a programmer it woudl stand up against its competitors. Im always looking for new challenges and ive been working with access db's since i was 11. Please can anybody help?

    I wold really apprecite any feedback! Good or Bad


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    Hopefully, you are not being buttered up to provide the one who butters you up with free soft ware.

    Would people buy your program?

    Did somebody already market your idea? What do you offer differently? How many years they been at it?

    How much do you think you would pay?

    What machine would they run it on? What OSs? (A non portable program would be more hassle than it's worth.)

    How many would use the data simultaneously? (over 10 or 20 consider a different platform, my SQL etc.)

    Where to start? Start small sell one program/dB to one Company. Offer upgrades on an addition / cost.

    Try doing a web search on moonlighting and programing. You will get web sites which try to match company with programmers. Read the contracts. Get adult advise to prevent lawsuits, and be prepared for cheap oversea programmers who reduce the total amount a company may want to pay. Then there are the oversea's legal issuses.

    Good luck on whatever you choose!

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