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    Question Unanswered: DTS launch from SQL Server Agent


    I want to build a task that does 3 things automatically at a fixed time interval:

    1) Refresh the data (copy newly inserted data from a datamart to a datawarehouse)
    2) Run a program (exe) to produce some external reports
    3) Refresh an OLAP Cube with the new data so that users can access it

    Basically, using SQL Server Agent, setting up steps 1 and 2 was pretty straightforward (for step 1, the main point of entry is a single sp).

    I ran into some trouble figuring the easiest way to complete step 3. I created a DTS package with one object that updates the Cude on my server. This seems to be working fine. Then, I created step 3 in Agent and chose 'CmdExec' as the type of command. I then referenced the external exe 'dtsrun' to execute my DTS package.

    Everything seems fine but I'm not sure I used the "best" way of doing things. Since the SQL Server Agent and DTS manager are both SQL Server tools (so is the Analysis services), I'm wondering if there wasn't an easier (thus more robust) way of completing my 3rd step?

    Anyone? How is this done where you've worked?



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    Well, that is the technique that MSDN suggests.

    You could always make the DTS Package into a SQL Agent job, then run the job using sp_start_job (but that is deviant).


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    As always I suggest this kBA;EN-US;Q269074 to help DTS to schedule as a job.
    --Satya SKJ
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