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    Unanswered: problem query returning float with comma

    I to all

    i am bilding a web page, using asp and sql server

    I have a few querys in the asp script. my problem is that the values from the query results to tables with float fiels, apear with a comma
    and want a dot

    like area= 23,5 and I would like to have area= 23.5

    in the query analyser there is no problem it΄s all dots
    i have my web aplication running in 3 diferent machines and in 2 of them i dont have this problem. the query results to float fiels apear with a dot

    in the 3 machines the database is the same , the odbc conection is similar. i have win xp professional in 2 machines and win 2000 server in other. the machine with this problem has xp pro

    something i miss in the IIS...

    i am lost

    some hint would be very nice

    thanks for your time and replay

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    There could be lots of possible ways to get this behavior. Without knowing a lot about your systems I just have to guess.

    My first thought would be that two of the clients have installed English-US and the offending client has installed English-UK versions of either MDAC or IIS.


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