I am having two troubles.

I have a DB that imports data from a group of test fixtures, and I need to be able to regularly export large amounts of data to Excel. I can do it manually, but there are enough groups that I need to export that it takes me about 4 hours per export. I am trying to make a macro to handle the files for me.

First problem:

My Access Query that selects the data and exports it to a temp file requires 3 inputs (Sensor Number, StartDate, EndDate), when the query is run, these come up in dialog boxes.

Is there a way for Excel to automatically fill in these variables from a spreadsheet? I have a config sheet in my workbook, so I would like to be able to fill in what I want on the config sheet and have it populate for me.

Second Problem:

Assuming the inputs are filled in (Whether it is manual or automatic). Is it possible to have a macro read from a worksheet for its control?

AKA: I want the macro to automatically save my file as the contents of "Config!A2"_"Config!B2". I can have the macro do a SaveAs, but it requires me to fill in the filename in the Macro.

Alternately, I would be satisfied if I could get the macro to give me a Dialog box asking where to save the file.

Third Problem:

Okay, I lied, but this one is kind of asking the same thing as number 2.

Access exports my data to a temp file. Excel opens the temp file, copies the data out of it, and pastes it into my Template. Unfortunately, it always pastes it into the same place. Instead, I want it to paste it into a worksheet whose name will be in cell "Config!A2"

Can I use the contents of a cell as a variable?

Thank you to anyone that can help.