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    Unanswered: MSAccess and MS SQL remote access

    I am having issues with MSAccess and MS SQL for a new client. It worked in the past, but I cannot talk to the old computer guy?!# Here's the scoop. It uses an Access front end and ODBC to conect to the MS SQL 7.0 server. In the office they use a system DSN named DATA to connect using NT authentication. I've got the firewall configured for the two employees static ip addresses to goto the MS SQL server. On the remote machines, I have added a system DNS named DATA as well that uses MS SQL authentication. I setup the remote user accounts on the MS SQL server. Now heres the problem. I can test the ODBC from the remote omputer and it works.At first I could not get into teh database at all. I went in and updated the Access file connection strings to include a username and password. Now I can get into the Access front end and access the main page. (IT has a couple of buttons - Shpping, Inventory, Management, etc.) I can even click on these buttons and pull up the next page. (For example I can click on the management button and pull up a list of new buttons- one of which is Auto Exec Bob) NOw when I click autoexec bob or any of the others it takes a while and then give me an error. (SQLState 28000 MS SQL error: 18452 Login failed for user null. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server Connection.) If I click ok then I have a box that lets me uncheck the use trusted connection and sign in using my remote username and pass that I setup. Eventually I can access everything - one step at a time.Each time it tries to connect to the database it takes about thirty seconds to time out, then gives me this error message and I can log on again. Any help to sort this out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Ensure that a Windows authentication SQL Server login exists for the Windows NT/Windows 2000 user account that Access uses to process the request for the application. If a login does not exist, use SQL Server Enterprise Manager to create it.

    Make sure to include the Trusted_Connection=yes connection string parameter in the ADO connection string. If you do not include this parameter, the above-mentioned error occurs even if the Windows NT/Windows 2000 user account that is used to process the request.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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