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    Unanswered: Generate DDL in sql anywhere

    I am new to sybase. I copied .dbs file from a sqlanywhere database that was installed on a server onto my pc and set ODBC correctly pointing to this database. Now, I can query data etc, I also have sybase central intalled I can see all tables, views etc. I am trying to reverse engineer and generate DDL that will give me all objects in this database.

    I tried to run dbunload
    dbunload -c "dbf=mydb.db;UID=dba,pwd=sql" c:\temp

    I will think this will create reload sql for me. But instead I get error
    specified database in invalid. I can query, see all tables/views etc from isql, sybase central.
    I there anyway I can generate a sql for create table statements. Some thing like I do in Orcale as 'describe table_name'.

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    sp_help TableName

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    When I run sp_help tabel_name I got error message:

    transact feature of sql not supported.

    I am running sqlanywhere. This database was copied by me to my PC from server and I wanted to work stand alone and reverse engineer table by table DDL. What else can I do? I tried unload that gave me error as mentioned in my first post.


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