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    Question Unanswered: How to Null a Date Field

    I'm writing some code in VB that uses ADO through the ODBC driver for Timberline/Pervasive and I'm trying to figure out how to null a date field. I've tried various values such as an empty string, Null, even the zero value for a COleDateTime object (which is "12/30/1899 12:00:00 AM"); none of which work. They all result in either "Invalid field format" or "Type mismatch" errors.

    How do you set a date field to Null in Pervasive?

    Joe A.

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    Null should work. YOu might try the Insert statement outside of the VB app. Use the COntrol Center. If it works there, it'll work in the VB app. You might also verify that the field really is a Date.
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