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    Unanswered: Queries???

    I'm confused.

    I am creating a interaction application for alton towers available through a website (using This website is connected to a database(sql server 2000) containing infomation on different shops, rides, restaurants and facilities at the park.

    I have inputted data to my database. The user should be able to do searches such as:
    rides (and shops or all) available in a certain area.
    rides in a certain area above a certain height rescrictions.

    I'm confused. I have used SQL statements before and I know it is possible to retrieve this information from the database, but how should I go about this and how should I be storing this information so that I am able to call it from the front teir.

    I have read up on views, stored procedures and triggers and I'm a bit lost. Should I be creating all the possible queries and then store them as a view (or stored procedure) I thought I would just have to write a sql statement but it seems a lot more confusing...

    and what about triggers and user defined statements??

    PLEASE help, I have a deadline in a week : (


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    Re: Queries???

    Originally posted by asbirpam
    I have a deadline in a week : (
    Not much time for QA, huh...

    Use stored procedures

    CREATE PROC mySproc99
    @key int
    SELECT Col_list* FROM myTable99 WHERE Key = myKey99**

    EXEC mySproc99 value

    * Supply the columns you need from the table

    ** Supply the name of the key colmn and the value you need to select...

    Good luck...

    Come back with more specific info if you need help

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    The physical order of data in a database has no meaning.

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