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    Unanswered: MS SQL Cluster w/ Clariion SAN

    Okay, assume that I have read every technical document from MS and Dell about installing SQL into a cluster on a Clariion SAN (I haven't actually read them all yet, but I'm getting there).

    What gotcha's are waiting to bite me? I am using:

    1. An Active/Passive 2-node cluster
    2. Windows 2000 Advanced Server
    3. SQL 2000 Enterprise Server
    4. EMC Clariion CX400 15-drive array

    I have never before configured a cluster server. I got dropped into this project. No one else in the project has any real experience with clusters either.

    I have the step-by-step instructions from both Dell and MS: I plan to follow these very carefully. I'm not looking for step-by-step instructions here, I'm hoping for some, "when I tried this, it did that..." or "watch out, the instruction says to do x, but you should really do y..." sort of thing. Also, if you have any additional documentation outside of the vendor required reading, I wuld be grateful for a link.

    I understand that there are issues around:
    1. Snapview backup from EMC (doesn't work on multi-volume DBs)
    2. SQL Mail and SQL Agent Mail (Outlook is not cluster-aware)

    I realize this is kind of open-ended; but I really would like to get this right the first time around since it appears that I will be supporting this installation long term.



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    -;EN-US;254321 - cluster do's and dont's.
    - to stop unnecessary services during setup.

    - from the step by step guide pay attention on post installation topics.

    - though this refers to cluster on windows2003 best practices, for information.

    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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