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    Question Unanswered: how to assign varchar2 to CLOB

    hi guys

    In one of my PL/SQL procedures I need to do the following:

    myCLOB := field1 || field2 || field3

    Where myCLOB is a CLOB varibale and field1, field2, ....fieldn are varchar2 fields which i select from database. I need to select FIELDS, concatenate them, assign them to myCLOB and send myCLOB back as an OUT parameter.

    but it doesnt let me assign a varchar2 to CLOB.

    The reason I want to use CLOB is the size of data, it may be more than 50,000 characters.

    Any solution for this problem??

    thanx in advance
    Omer Imtiaz

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    variableString schema.tableName.myCLOB%TYPE
    variableString := field1||field2||field3
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