we got an MS SQL Database in wich we have a OLE-field in wich documents (word, excel, bmp, jpg, ...) are stored. (i know, but I didn't set it up & it won't change soon .
So we want to access this database via asp (no problem so far), but those ole-fields cause me some trouble...... at best i get a lot of gibberish....

so how can I a) show the content of the ole-field & b) without popping up the application: directly in the page so we can print it together with some other data as an report & c) is it also possible to resize the documents so we can make it fit on one (report-)page? (this only applies if b. works ofcourse ;o)

OR if the ole-from-db-to-asp-page is too difficult: is it possible to export all ole-objects out of the DB to an directory & then show them in an inline-frame or something on the page & print them on a report, solution 1 is the most preferred (becasause way less work) however)

thanx in advance