I use the following code to enter a record into an Access db:
(Relevant Code Parts shown, addrec.asp)

sBuild = "INSERT INTO WInfo (WDate) "

sISODate = FormatDateTime(Request.Form("wdate"), vbShortDate)

sBuild = sBuild & "VALUES(#" & sISODate & "#)"

oConn.Execute (sBuild)

<FORM ACTION="./addrec.asp" METHOD="post">
 <input type='Text' name='wdate' value='' size='9' maxlength=''>
In the textbox I type "19.03.2004", for example. However the date
always shows up as "30.12.1889" - that's NULL right? The format of
the date field in the DB is also short date. I've also included the german
LCID in the ASP file, and use Jet.OLEDB.4.0 Provider. What could be wrong?