I'm comming across a strange problem with a access program I've written. The mdb contains an ODBC link to an extrernal db and has quite a few sub-forms which refresh when buttons are pressed.
Everything works fine until I tried to make the access database open another database on startup.

Dim LicDB As Database
Dim LicRst As Recordset
Dim strconnect As String

strconnect = ";pwd=pswd"
Set LicDB = OpenDatabase("c:\data\mfile.mdb", False, False, strconnect)
Set LicRst = LicDB.OpenRecordset("Parm")


The code doesn't generate any errors and seems to work ok.
However I have code which re-creates the ODBC links within the DB, it gives me an error 3112 saying I can' read msysobjects. A have also noticed that refreshing subforms doesn't seem to work quite as well as it did before, sometimes the subform doesn't refresh at all which is annoying as you can't really see the outcome of the queries you are running.

My db has a main form which performs the above code 'on-load', and all other forms are loaded as a subform of the main one, if that is of any help.

Any ideas?