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    Unanswered: Scrolling in Subform?

    Alrighty, I am feeling like an idiot. I have a series of subforms which corolate to months (don't ask its a silly way of doing it but its what the client wants :P) and the subforms happen to be quite long... so when i tab through, the form itself doesn't move. I have to manually drag the form's verticle scroll bar. Its kinda annoying for data entry. I can't figure out how to fix it!

    In the subforms i have made it so u can't add records (due to primary key issues), but I don't see how that would affect it.

    Sigh.... it's always the little things that make it irritating.

    Thanks any and all who can help.

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    i really can´t help you, but idiots we are and the clients hopefully pay, but sometimes you must think a solution is nearby, the client will pay and such an idiot it wasn´t me (or I) damned those grammatics :-)))

    keep on programming !!!!!!!!!!!!

    greetings emiel

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