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    Unanswered: Stored Procedure

    I have a requirement like this.

    I have to write a stored procedure in Oracle.
    This stored Procedure will take ID as an Input.

    the functionality is something like this.
    Based on the ID that is given, you need to go to 22 different tables and
    pull the values from each of the table. I need to increment the ID by 1
    and then insert all the values into 22 different tables.

    the idea is to do a copy of the existing data with a new ID.

    I need the following

    1) Pointers on how to write a stored proc in Oracle for my requirement
    2) What is the efficient way of writing Stored Procedures.

    I am new to Oracle and would like to get some pointers which can help dummies

    Expecting a positive reply from the group


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    1) We don't do homework assignments for students.
    2) It is time for your to RTFM
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