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    Red face Unanswered: Need helps on Report & printer selection

    Hi my dear Gurus

    My default printer support A3 size paper.
    Report sizes are usually A4, but some was format as A3 size.
    the problem start when other persons want to use my db on his/her system.
    'cause of their default printer does not support A3 size.
    they have to change the printer setting.

    Can I add any code to choose available printers which is already installed in current system or can NOT add any code?

    I've no idea, so I instruct my colleges that if he/she wants to use my ready made report on their system, change the default printer to A3 size support type.

    But I want to put the combo box selection for printer selection before previewing the report if I get any useful help.

    Thanks in advance

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    lucky you to have a printer for A3, but keep in mind that not everyone has such a printer.

    undoubtly there is, of course, a simple solution for your prob, as always.

    for me, till sofar at this moment i dont know it yet, you should get in the vba programming to solve this problem, and you have to know a lot of printer settings of many printers.

    try duplex printing for instance, or reprogram for splitting pages, or change orientation from portrait to landscape.

    these are some suggestions, maybe not what you want, but they are,

    greetings emiel

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    Use DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdPrint

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