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    Unanswered: Please Help I Dont Know What To Do Next???

    I have just produced a database, and ive been told it would match up to its competitors in the market for small video rental business. It took me along time and it meets all the users needs of a video rental store, but i dont know where to sell it? I dont know any software comapnies that buy other peoples software. There is another problem though im only 15, my parents could tackle all of the financial issues, like banks and pay, and to be honest i woudlnt be expectring that much money, but ive been working with access since i was 11 and prodcing prefessional databse applications.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


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    Re: Please Help I Dont Know What To Do Next???

    An idea is to post your application on, I beleive for a one-time fee of 80$ your application will be listed on all CNET servers worldwide. You set your own price and all profits are yours. Don't forget to get a key registration system for your application, or a limited-time usage system.

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    Or try our Ask An Expert service to answer any of your questions!

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